About Us

Stability is an MSP (Managed Service Provider) operating throughout the UK. Stability boasts a long established team and customer base, delivering a comprehensive selection of service based products.

Stability was established in April 2010 and has enjoyed organic growth year upon year. The founders (Mark Francis and Ryan Shepherd) aimed to provide a stable, fixed price service to customers and a stable working environment for staff having both had bad experiences of working for MSPs. This not only became an ethos for the business, but also provided the name for the business and serves as a constant reminder of what was set out to be achieved.

Stability currently employs a team of 12 technical staff with access to a number of close trusted partners to further build on the available skill set. Stability have a very strict employment policy to ensure that staff are not only technically talented and certified, but also good at dealing with social situations to ensure the end user experience is as high as possible.